Jever is celebrating its 175th anniversary this year!

• Jever is celebrating its 175th Anniversary this year! On this occasion we have launched an anniversary edition of the 0,5L can showing a beautiful lighthouse which is typical of the Jever region.

• The origin of Jever Pilsener is far in the north of Germany in Friesland, a unique, elemental landscape of simplicity, harsh climate and impressive tides.

• As Jever is located on the northern sea, many lighthouses can be found in this region.

• A lighthouse is a tower, built onshore or on the seabed to serve as an aid to maritime coastal navigation, warning mariners of hazards, establishing their position, and guiding them to their destinations.

• The Pilsum Lighthouse (German: Pilsumer Leuchtturm) which is shown on the 175 Years Jever Anniversary Edition of the 0,5 L can was built in 1891 as a sector light for the Emshörn channel on Germany’s north sea coast. It is located on a dyke near the village of Pilsum in the municipality of Krummhörn. It guided ships through the narrow channel until 1915. The height of the structure is 11 metres; the height of the light about sea level is 15 metres. Today the tower is one of the best-known symbols of East Frisia.

• Therefore, the picture of this great lighthouse deserves to be on our Jever can!



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